Mindi's | Mindi & Arv
Mindi's | Arv & Phil

                                                        Mindi’s was created by two friends and colleagues, Arvey and Philip.



                                                     When he was young, Arvey's mum, Mindi, would put an Indian twist
                                                      on almost everything at meal times...  fish and chips quickly became
                                                       "Mindi’s fish and chips" with a dash of chilli and a squeeze of lime...
                                                        hamburgers were dressed in homemade spicy tomato ketchup...
                                                         chicken and roast potatoes were sprinkled with tandoori spices 
                                                          or Indian sweet chilli and maybe a dash of Mindi’s Hot Sauce.



                After leaving home, Arvey missed his mums amazing fusion of  Western foods
                 and Indian spices
and it was when he shared these memories with Philip, 
                that they decided to share Mindi’s great tasting food philosophy with the world!



                                            First off was Mindi’s very own Spicy Tomato Ketchup...
                                                       an epic twist to regular ketchup including chilli,
                                                                  secret spices and a subtle infusion of mint.


                                        This was quickly followed by Mindi’s Hot Sauce...
                                        popular with fire fiends and chilli lovers alike...
                                         just keep out of reach of elephants!!




                                                                              And most recently, a twist on the humble crisp...
                                                                              inspired by the roast potatoes of Arvey’s youth!


                                                                                     Mindi’s crisps are a magical combination of
                                                                              English potatoes and authentic Indian spices...  
                                                                              an awesome range of gluten-free crisps... 
                                                                                     favourites flavours
we know and love,
                                                                              with a dash of Indian flair!



Mindi's is a truly authentic taste of East meets West!


All of our products still hold true to Mindi's traditional home cooked values...


Delicious  •  No artifical flavours  •  No artifical colours

No msg  •  No preservatives  •  Gluten-free

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