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A crunchy crisp with an Indian twist, combining the finest British potatoes with
Mindi’s authentic flavours
from Northern India. It all starts with our key ingredient:
our spuds, which are grown and carefully hand-selected on the farm in East Anglia.

We slice and hand cook them in sunflower oil before dusting them with Mindi’s unique combinations of Western flavours and exotic Eastern spices, before packing them into the very bag you’re holding - and it’s all done on the farm to keep every pack fresh and crispy!

What’s more they’re gluten free and suitable for vegans,vegetarians and celiacs.
With NO artificial flavours, colours, msg or preservatives.

We’ve got Salt & Vinegar ‘All Shook Up’ by adding
a tangy twist of lime, giving this time-honoured classic some rock n’ roll attitude.

Our rockin’ Sea Salt and Vinegar will leave you in
no doubt that Mindi’s are the King of Crisps!

Take a humble farm grown spud, simply slice it,
hand cook it and sprinkle it with Mindi’s unique blend
of herbs and spices...
The result is what we affectionately call ‘Ghandoori’ -
a crisp full of love, peace and the smoky taste from
a traditional Tandoor.

If you like your crisps sweet but with a hint of spice… here’s the perfect crisp for you.

Our Indian sweet chilli crisps are made with a careful selection of sweet and spicy chillies - none too spicy - yet flavoursome and full-bodied with just the right balance to leave you wanting more!

This is a true collaboration of East meets West:
The finest Indian red chillies are pan-fried with
a sizzling splash of zesty lime, then added to our
home-grown, hand-cooked spuds to create an extraordinary crisp, both refreshing and spicy!

We’ve taken this family favourite to another level by using Mature Cheddar Cheese, slow cooked caramelised onions
and added some swagger, with a few carefully selected chillies for that perfect bite!

Cheese & Onion will never be the same again...

Lime and Pickle is not your everyday crisp flavour -
but then we don’t make everyday crisps!

This particular favourite adds the zest of white limes and
the tang of mouth-watering pickles to our locally sourced, hand-cooked spuds to produce a truly fresh and original crisp.